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Photographic Credits

  Raleigh Images
  All Raleigh images Photo credit: Courtesy of GRCVB/visit Raleigh.com
  Durham Images
  Brightleaf Square (Courtyard)
Brightleaf Square in downtown Durham is a turn-of-the-century, neo-Romanesque tobacco warehouse renovated as a unique shopping, dining and entertainment district.
Credit: Heather Jacks and Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau
  Sarah P. Duke Gardens - Terraces
A combination of formal and informal gardens on 55 acres of Duke University near downtown Durham.
Credit: Bruce R. Feeley and Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau
  Durham Skyline Downtown
Durham is a single-city county of 249,654 residents. Known as the "CITY OF MEDICINE, USA," Durham is also home to Research Triangle Park, Duke and North Carolina Central universities.
Credit: Chuck Young and Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau
  Durham Bulls Athletic Park and American Tobacco District
Located within walking distance to the Durham Civic Center complex, the downtown Durham Bulls Athletic park seats 10,000 and includes picnic areas and skybox rentals; one of the premier ballparks in the nation.
Credit: Advanced Aerial Photography and Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau